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2017届成人礼上家长给女儿的一封信(A letter to daughter)

2017年06月20日 11:22  作者:王斯蒙妈妈 翻译Emily  拍摄:科信中心  点击:3746


A letter to daughter


Daughter, from now on, you just stepped into the ranks of the adults.Adult is a stage, and also a progress. For mother, adult is also a line of growth.From the moment you are born, to your first burble, and now to a graceful and talent girl, there is hardship and happiness, and more of every hope you have gave to me......


Daughter, your three years of living on high school Campus has let me see your independence!Do you still remember?Three years ago, when you first entered Bayi, I have been quietly worrying about the little TOEFL test results. I was worried if you could adapt to the school’s English teaching mode, if you could spend three years of high school life smoothly. I know the language would be the biggest challenge for you.But three months later, you used your own actions to prove your ability, and smoothing the pain of my heart. Because in the letter from your advisor, I saw Hardworking, Deligent, Optimistic, Loving on your performance column! Besides, I also saw you communicating with your foreign teacher in fluent English in parents meeting. Later, you have been making progress again and again and that proves you are the best! When you went home every weekend and share with me and your dad about your happy time in school, the teachers’ professional dedication and teamwork of the classmates. Both your father and I felt you gain not only knowledge but also the confidence in study, the happiness of growing up being healthy. We are all right to choose Bayi!


Dear daughter, thankfully, we are friends, and we can talk about anything. Do you remember what I have told you before?No matter what happened, my heart will always be there for you to give you strength and courage! I hope I could see your sunshine smile in your adult years just like today!


Daughter, I also want to say to you:Hold your dreams and set sail! Travel light and never care about small disputes. Be grateful! Be strict with yourself and lenient towards others!Be flexible, be honest and be kind!


Dear daughter, you are an adult now. I hope you could finish school according to your ideal plan with your adult rights and responsibilities from eighteen, and step into society and meet every challenge in life and experience with perseverance and create your own space!


Wang Simeng’s mother


12 June 2017