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美国牛津学院 / The Oxford Academy

牛津学院 被评为加州前十名的学校。这是一所七年级至十二年级,初中和高中结合型的教育体系。1906年以来,牛津学院培养14-20岁的年轻人,使他们实现自己的学术潜力。这所学校针对聪明但学习成绩不理想的学生,以及那些希望能加速学习成绩的学生。学校为国际学生提供ESL课程。一对一的牛津教学方法有助于减轻挫折感,建立信心和自尊。学校为所有学生提供互联网,社区服务计划,价值观和生活技能培训项目,文化娱乐活动,AP课程以及校际运动赛事。


The Oxford Academy is named top ten schools in California. Since 1906, Oxford Academy has been educating young men ages 14-20 who have yet to realize their academic potential. Applicants are bright, but underachieving; those who wish to accelerate; and international students who wish to take advantage of our ESL Program. The Oxford method of one-on-one instruction alleviates frustration and helps build confidence and self-esteem. Internet access, community service program, values and life-skills program, cultural and recreational activities, AP courses, and interscholastic sports are offered to all.

The Oxford Academy’s mission is to create a supportive learning community for young men built on the values of trust, respect and integrity. At the heart of the Oxford Method is the belief that students, in partnership with their teachers, will find success through increased self-awareness and strategic effort. In a boarding environment with a holistic approach, Oxford’s individualized education balances one-to-one and collaborative learning experiences that challenge each young man to reach his potential. Oxford isn't just a school; it is a community with one purpose: your success.